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これに君が好きだって事以外  大した意味なんて無いよ


25 April

My name is Natsumi but people call me Natsupi =3 (you probably know the reason why right?)
I'm Fanfictioning! (is that even a word O_o?)and I hope you guys like it!
I will post my stories on my lj and will also do othet things like making Icons,
making screencaps, magazine scans, making fanvids or fansubs anyway i will share
alot of things!
My hobbies are making fanfics, pictures, aerobics, LJing, Hanging out with my buddies (Crazy fangirls xD) I'm half Korean(dad) half Japanese(mum) but i'm learning japanese and only know a bit of Korean.

I also started a fansubgroup called niji_fansubs  subbing all kinds of tv shows (only).


its funny but i'm not really interested in Korean entertainment but i'm crazy about Japanese-everything my mum is helping me learn japanese but my dad wants me to learn Korean T_T i dont wanna, anyway I love meeting other people who have the same interests as me!
Feel free to add me =3
I will also post things about my personnel live and things but mostly fangirl stuff ne

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